Coilers - Three Point Hitch


With its additional features, the WER Heavy Duty 3 point hitch mount hose coiler will provide flexibility and durability, both as a stand-alone unit, or as an addition to a developing drag line system.

• Adjustable legs

• Direct drive

• 400CC hydraulic motor

• 64" diameter reel

TPH Coiler Heavy Duty 4 Hose

TPH Coiler Standard Duty 4 Hose

The WER 10 Hose Coiler is a versatile single axle model, incorporating a double drive system and an offset tongue. It is simple to operate, and a perfect fit for any drag-line system.

• Direct drive

• Offset tongue

• 88" diameter reel

• 10,000 lb axles

Coilers - Trailed

Tandem 20 - Double Drive Coiler

16 Hose Coiler - Double Drive

SOLD. Built to order

10 Hose Coiler - Double Drive

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